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MarkeTrak V: Consumer satisfaction revisited.

Kochkin, Sergei
Hearing Journal: January 2000
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: Part one of the MarkeTrak V series, published in January 1999, presented bottom-line customer satisfaction results and concluded that: (1) overall customer satisfaction with newer hearing instruments (<5 years of age) has not improved since we began detailed measurement of customer satisfaction in 1991, and (2) that customer satisfaction with instruments less than 1 year of age had actually dropped.1 In addition, the survey found that more than 16% of our customers, or 907,120 hearing aid owners, do not use their hearing aids.

The following article will explore detailed consumer satisfaction results in MarkeTrak III (1991), MarkeTrak IV (1994), and MarkeTrak V (1997). Part three in the MarkeTrak V series will analyze the reasons why hearing aids are in the drawer, while part four will document, at a national level, subjective benefit with hearing instruments.

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