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Nail Hooks and Elastic Bands External Dynamic Traction for Fractures of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint

Siddiqui, Farhaj MBBS; Hossain, Shahan BSc; Huq, Nasimul MD, MSc

Techniques in Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery:
doi: 10.1097/BTH.0b013e31825bd4da

Intra-articular fractures of the proximal interphalangeal joint remain a treatment challenge for hand specialists. The purpose of this investigation was to review the results of 12 patients, 6 men and 6 women (average age, 21 y), who were treated using the nail hooks and elastic bands external dynamic traction technique for their intra-articular proximal interphalangeal joint fractures. Of the total 12 fractures, 6 involved the proximal phalanx and 6 involved the middle phalanx. The final arc of motion at the proximal interphalangeal joint averaged 89 degrees (range, 25 to 111 degrees). At the conclusion of treatment: 1 patient developed a radial deviation and 1 developed a slight ulnar deviation. All patients were able to return to their preinjury level of functioning. Nail hooks and elastic bands external dynamic traction provides an effective treatment for intra-articular proximal interphalangeal joint fractures. It is an inexpensive, easily applied, nonoperative method of treatment.

Author Information

Niagara Plastic Surgery Centre, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

Source of Funding: This research received no specific grant from any funding agency in the public, commercial, or not-for-profit sectors.

Conflicts of Interest: The authors report no conflicts of interest.

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