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Creator: Dominique Nickson, MD, Matthew King, OPA-C
Duration: 0:19
Journal: Techniques in Foot & Ankle Surgery
The video shows the two medial incision plantar fascia endoscopy. A large calcaneal exostectomy is performed using a shaver. The plantar fascia is visualized after the calcaneal exostectomy is complete. Two medial incision plantar fascia endoscopy provides a larger field of view compared to traditional endoscopic plantar fascia techniques.
Creator: Ignazio Marcoccio, MD
Duration: 0:27
Journal: Techniques in Foot & Ankle Surgery
The surgical procedure was performed on the right foot. Video shows an overall satisfying progression of gait characterized by the absence of external overload and by reduction of foot contact time with the ground with improvement of heel contact and push off phase with evidence of a longer step. It is also possible to see reanimated tendons strain under the skin during voluntary ankle and toes dorsiflexion. Ankle dorsiflexion is well balanced and toe movements are functionally and aesthetically satisfying.
Creator: Sarang Desai, DO
Duration: 3:03
Journal: Techniques in Foot & Ankle Surgery
The video demonstrates the surgical technique for the arthroscopic treatment of an osteochondral lesion of the talus with micronized allograft cartilage matrix (BioCartilage). The lesion is debrided to its base and vertical borders are created. Marrow stimulation is then performed. Next all water is removed from the joint and the lesion is completely dried. The BioCartilage is introduced into the lesion and filled to just under the articular surface. It is contoured appropriately, and fibrin glue is applied to the surface of the lesion. This is allowed to set without manipulation for 5 minutes.