August 2017 - Volume 44 - Issue 8

  • Editor: William C. Miller, MD, PhD, MPH
  • 0148-5717
  • 1537-4521
  • 12 issues / year
  • Infectious Diseases 26/83
  • 2.968
2016 STD Prevention Conference September 20-23, 2016 Atlanta, GA
Published October 2016

New Human Immunodeficiency Virus Diagnosis Independently Associated With Rectal Gonorrhea and Chlamydia in Men Who Have Sex With Men

Barbee, Lindley A.; Khosropour, Christine M.; Dombrowksi, Julia C.; Golden, Matthew R.

Current Issue Highlights

The Number of Interviews Needed to Yield New Syphilis and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Cases Among Partners of People Diagnosed With Syphilis, North Carolina, 2015

Samoff, Erika; Cope, Anna B.; Maxwell, Jason; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 44(8):451-456, August 2017.

Mycoplasma genitalium Macrolide and Fluoroquinolone Resistance: Prevalence and Risk Factors Among a 2013–2014 Cohort of Patients in Barcelona, Spain

Barberá, María-Jesús; Fernández-Huerta, Miguel; Jensen, Jørgen-Skov; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 44(8):457-462, August 2017.

Motherhood and Risk for Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Female Sex Workers in the Mexico-US Border Region

Servin, Argentina E.; Reed, Elizabeth; Brouwer, Kimberly C.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 44(8):477-482, August 2017.

Narrative Review: Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Homeless Youth—What Do We Know About Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevalence and Risk?

Caccamo, Alexandra; Kachur, Rachel; Williams, Samantha P.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 44(8):466-476, August 2017.

A Case of Decreased Susceptibility to Ceftriaxone in Neisseria gonorrhoeae in the Absence of a Mosaic Penicillin-Binding Protein 2 (penA) Allele

Abrams, A. Jeanine; Kirkcaldy, Robert D.; Pettus, Kevin; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 44(8):492-494, August 2017.

An Illustration of Errors in Using the P Value to Indicate Clinical Significance or Epidemiological Importance of a Study Finding

Kang, Joseph; Hong, Jaeyoung; Esie, Precious; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 44(8):495-497, August 2017.

Effectiveness of Prenatal Screening and Treatment to Prevent Congenital Syphilis, Louisiana and Florida, 2013–2014

Matthias, James M.; Rahman, Mohammad M.; Newman, Daniel R.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 44(8):498-502, August 2017.

US Public Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinical Services in an Era of Declining Public Health Funding: 2013–14

Leichliter, Jami S.; Heyer, Kate; Peterman, Thomas A.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 44(8):505-509, August 2017.