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Effectiveness of Prenatal Screening and Treatment to Prevent Congenital Syphilis, Louisiana and Florida, 2013–2014

Matthias, James M.; Rahman, Mohammad M.; Newman, Daniel R.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 44(8):498-502, August 2017.

US Public Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinical Services in an Era of Declining Public Health Funding: 2013–14

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Gonorrhea Control, United States, 1972–2015, A Narrative Review

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What Is the Use of Rapid Syphilis Tests in the United States?

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Verifying Treatment of Reported Cases of Gonorrhea

Bowen, Virginia B.; Torrone, Elizabeth A.; Peterman, Thomas A.

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Would Targeting Increase Efficiency of Syphilis Partner Services Programs?—Data From New York City, Philadelphia, Texas, and Virginia

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Challenges in Congenital Syphilis Surveillance: How Are Congenital Syphilis Investigations Classified?

Introcaso, Camille E.; Gruber, DeAnn; Bradley, Heather; More

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Do Women With Persistently Negative Nontreponemal Test Results Transmit Syphilis During Pregnancy?

Peterman, Thomas A.; Newman, Daniel R.; Davis, Darlene; More

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Screening Male Prisoners for Chlamydia trachomatis: Impact on Test Positivity Among Women From Their Neighborhoods Who Were Tested in Family Planning Clinics

Peterman, Thomas A.; Newman, Daniel R.; Goldberg, Martin; More

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Heterosexual Anal Sex Activity in the Year After an STD Clinic Visit

Tian, Lin H.; Peterman, Thomas A.; Tao, Guoyu; More

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Risk Factors for Prevalent and Incident Trichomonas vaginalis Among Women Attending Three Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics

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Changes in Sexual Behavior and STD Prevalence Among Heterosexual STD Clinic Attendees: 1993–1995 Versus 1999–2000

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 34(10):815-819, October 2007.

Estimating Chlamydia Screening Rates by Using Reported Sexually Transmitted Disease Tests for Sexually Active Women Aged 16 to 25 Years in the United States

Tao, Guoyu; Tian, Lin H.; Peterman, Thomas A.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 34(3):180-182, March 2007.

Identifying Likely Syphilis Transmitters: Implications for Control and Evaluation

Kahn, Richard H.; Peterman, Thomas A.; Arno, Janet; More

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Authors’ Reply

Peterman, Thomas A.; Kahn, Richard H.; Ciesielski, Carol A.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 32(10):647, October 2005.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing Protocols, Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing, and Discussion of Sexual Behaviors in HIV Clinics in Los Angeles County

Taylor, Melanie M.; McClain, Tracie; Javanbakht, Marjan; More

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Misclassification of the Stages of Syphilis: Implications for Surveillance

Peterman, Thomas A.; Kahn, Richard H.; Ciesielski, Carol A.; More

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Time to Treatment for Women With Chlamydial or Gonococcal Infections: A Comparative Evaluation of Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics in 3 US Cities

Wong, David; Berman, Stuart M.; Furness, Bruce W.; More

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Efficacy of a Booster Counseling Session 6 Months After HIV Testing and Counseling: A Randomized, Controlled Trial (RESPECT-2)

Metcalf, Carol A.; Malotte, C Kevin; Douglas, John M. Jr; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 32(2):123-129, February 2005.

Relative Efficacy of Prevention Counseling With Rapid and Standard HIV Testing: A Randomized, Controlled Trial (RESPECT-2)

Metcalf, Carol A.; Douglas, John M. Jr; Malotte, C Kevin; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 32(2):130-138, February 2005.

Is HIV/Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention Counseling Effective Among Vulnerable Populations?: A Subset Analysis of Data Collected for a Randomized, Controlled Trial...

Bolu, Omotayo O.; Lindsey, Catherine; Kamb, Mary L.; More

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Are Counselor Demographics Associated With Successful Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention Counseling?

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Prevalence and Correlates of HIV Serostatus Disclosure

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Partner Notification for HIV and Syphilis: Effects on Sexual Behaviors and Relationship Stability


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Changes in Partnerships and HIV Risk Behaviors After Partner Notification


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Reducing the Risk of Sexual HIV Transmission: Quantifying the Per-Act Risk for HIV on the Basis of Choice of Partner, Sex Act, and Condom Use


Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 29(1):38-43, January 2002.

Does Measured Behavior Reflect STD Risk?: An Analysis of Data From a Randomized Controlled Behavioral Intervention Study

Peterman, Thomas A.; Lin, Lillian S.; Newman, Daniel R.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 27(8):446-451, September 2000.

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