September 2017 - Volume 44 - Issue 9 - Contributor Index

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Ballo, Tako MD

High Prevalence of Concurrent Male-Male Partnerships in the Context of Low Human Immunodeficiency Virus Testing Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in Bamako, Mali

Hakim, Avi; Patnaik, Padmaja; Telly, Nouhoum; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 44(9):565-570, September 2017.

Evaluation of an Automated Express Care Triage Model to Identify Clinically Relevant Cases in a Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic

Chambers, Laura C.; Manhart, Lisa E.; Katz, David A.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 44(9):571-576, September 2017.

Trends in Adult Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Prevalence, Incidence and Urethral Discharge Case Reporting in Morocco over 1995–2015—Estimates Using the Spectrum-Sexually Transmitted...

El-Kettani, Amina; Mahiané, Guy; Bennani, Aziza; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 44(9):557-564, September 2017.

Using Reported Rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases to Illustrate Potential Methodological Issues in the Measurement of Racial and Ethnic Disparities

Chesson, Harrell W.; Patel, Chirag G.; Gift, Thomas L.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 44(9):513-518, September 2017.

Low Prevalence of Urethral Lymphogranuloma Venereum Infections Among Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Prospective Observational Study, Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinic in...

de Vrieze, Nynke H.N.; Versteeg, Bart; Bruisten, Sylvia M.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases . 44(9):547-550, September 2017.