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From the ASTDA

Schachter, Julius PhD

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: February 2005 - Volume 32 - Issue 2 - p 73


Sexually Transmitted Diseases is going to introduce a new feature in the Journal. We will periodically publish photographs of interest to workers in the STD field. The subjects of these photographs will include pictures of microbes of interest or clinical photographs. We want them to be anything of relevance to those in the field. Obviously, many workers generate photographs that are of scientific interest or that have an instructional point to make but that may not be appropriate for publication in a specific article. We welcome submission of these anecdotal materials, together with any necessary descriptive or explanatory text. The submissions will be reviewed by some experts in the field as to their ultimate value to others and will be published with appropriate credit to those submitting the materials.

Julius Schachter, PhD


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