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An Anatomic, Radiographic, and Biomechanical Assessment of Extrapedicular Screw Fixation in the Thoracic Spine.

Dvorak, M. MD, FRCSC; MacDonald, S. MD; Gurr, K. R. MD, FRCSC; Bailey, S. I. MD, FRCSC; Haddad, R. G. FRCPC
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This study performed a thorough review of the pertinent thoracic spins anatomy to determine the appropriate landmarks for extrapedicular screw placement and indentified the anatomic structures at risk; assessed the safety and accuracy of the newly proposed screw insertion technique; determined the stability end strength of this new screw position through biomechanical testing; and analyzed the stebility of this extrapedicular screw location with respect to bone mineral density of the vertebra.

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