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Humeral Head Centering Osteotomy for Treatment of Shoulder Obstetric Palsy Sequelae: Justification and Description of the Technique

Filho, Arnaldo Amado Ferreira MD; Neto, Arnaldo Amado Ferreira MD; Benegas, Eduardo MD; Neto, Raul Bolliger MD; Malavolta, Eduardo Angeli MD; Prada, Flavia Santis MD; Gracitelli, Mauro Em`lio Conforto MDı; Assunção, Jorge Henrique MD

Techniques in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery:
doi: 10.1097/BTE.0b013e3182012340

To justify and describe the humeral head centering osteotomy—an original surgical technique—associated with anterior soft tissue elongation (Sever procedure) for the prevention and treatment of shoulder osteoarticular deformities in children with sequelae of obstetric palsy.

Author Information

Orthopedic and Traumatology Department of Medicine School of University of Sao Paulo-Brazil

No financial support or conflicts of interest.Study conducted at the Shoulder and Elbow Group of Orthopedic and Traumatology Institute of Clı`nic Hospital of Medicine School of University of Sao Paulo—Brazil.

Reprints: Arnaldo Amado Ferreira Neto, MD, Shoulder and Elbow Group, Rua Dr Ovı`dio Pires de Campos, 333, 3° andar, Cerqueira Cesar-São Paulo (SP) 05403-010 (e-mail:

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