August 2014 - Volume 42 - Issue 2
pp: 83-175
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Direct Molecular Detection of Pathogens in Blood as Specific Rule-In Diagnostic Biomarker in Patients With Presumed Sepsis: Our Experience on a Heterogeneous Cohort of Patients...

Avolio, Manuela; Diamante, Paola; Modolo, Maria Luisa; More

Shock . 42(2):86-92, August 2014.

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Age-Related Differences in Biomarkers of Acute Inflammation During Hospitalization for Sepsis

Ginde, Adit A.; Blatchford, Patrick J.; Trzeciak, Stephen; More

Shock . 42(2):99-107, August 2014.

Plasma Angiopoietin 2 Concentrations Are Related to Impaired Lung Function and Organ Failure in a Clinical Cohort Receiving High-Dose Interleukin 2 Therapy

Gores, Kathryn M.; Delsing, Angela S.; Kraus, Sara J.; More

Shock . 42(2):115-120, August 2014.

Off-Pump CABG Surgery Reduces Systemic Inflammation Compared With On-Pump Surgery but Does Not Change Systemic Endothelial Responses: A Prospective Randomized Study

Jongman, Rianne M.; Zijlstra, Jan G.; Kok, Wendelinde F.; More

Shock . 42(2):121-128, August 2014.

Multiple System Organ Response Induced by Hyperoxia in a Clinically Relevant Animal Model of Sepsis

Rodríguez-González, Raquel; Martín-Barrasa, José Luis; Ramos-Nuez, Ángela; More

Shock . 42(2):148-153, August 2014.

Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE): Scavenger of Peroxynitrite In Vitro and in Sepsis Models

Kassim, Mustafa; Mansor, Marzida; Kamalden, Tengku Ain; More

Shock . 42(2):154-160, August 2014.