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Pathological Role and Diagnostic Value of Endogenous Host Defense Peptides in Adult and Neonatal Sepsis: A Systematic Review

Ho, Jeffery; Zhang, Lin; Liu, Xiaodong; More

Shock . 47(6):673-679, June 2017.

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Can Early Aggressive Administration of Fresh Frozen Plasma Improve Outcomes in Patients with Severe Blunt Trauma?—a Report by the Japanese Association for the Surgery of Trauma

Hagiwara, Akiyoshi; Kushimoto, Shigeki; Kato, Hiroshi; More

Shock . 45(5):495-501, May 2016.

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Influence of Early Dysnatremia Correction on Survival of Critically Ill Patients

Darmon, Michael; Pichon, Matthias; Schwebel, Carole; More

Shock . 41(5):394-399, May 2014.

Predictors of the Onset of Hemodynamic Decompensation During Progressive Central Hypovolemia: Comparison of the Peripheral Perfusion Index, Pulse Pressure Variability, and...

Janak, Jud C.; Howard, Jeffrey T.; Goei, Kathleen A.; More

Shock . 44(6):548-553, December 2015.

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Blood Pressure Targets For Vasopressor Therapy: A Systematic Review

D’Aragon, Frederick; Belley-Cote, Emilie P.; Meade, Maureen O.; More

Shock . 43(6):530-539, June 2015.

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Antithrombin Supplementation and Mortality in Sepsis-Induced Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation: A Multicenter Retrospective Observational Study

Hayakawa, Mineji; Kudo, Daisuke; Saito, Shinjiro; More

Shock . 46(6):623-631, December 2016.

Mortality Reduction and Long-Term Compliance with Surviving Sepsis Campaign: A Nationwide Multicenter Study

Herrán-Monge, Rubén; Muriel-Bombín, Arturo; García-García, Marta M.; More

Shock . 45(6):598-606, June 2016.

Emergency Whole-Blood Use in the Field: A Simplified Protocol for Collection and Transfusion

Strandenes, Geir; De Pasquale, Marc; Cap, Andrew P.; More

Shock . 41:76-83, May 2014.

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