June 2012 - Volume 22 - Issue 3
pp: 109-154
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Anorexia nervosa and the Val158Met polymorphism of the COMT gene: meta-analysis and new data

Brandys, Marek K.; Slof-Op’t Landt, Margarita C.T.; van Elburg, Annemarie A.; More

Psychiatric Genetics . 22(3):130-136, June 2012.

No association of polymorphisms in human endogenous retrovirus K18 and CD48 with schizophrenia

Nyegaard, Mette; Demontis, Ditte; Thestrup, Britta Boserup; More

Psychiatric Genetics . 22(3):146-148, June 2012.

Lack of association between proline dehydrogenase (oxidase) 1 polymorphisms and schizophrenia in a Korean population

Kim, Jeong-Hyun; Park, Byung-Lae; Pasaje, Charisse Flerida A.; More

Psychiatric Genetics . 22(3):153-154, June 2012.