February 2012 - Volume 22 - Issue 1
pp: 1-54
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Interaction between tryptophan hydroxylase I polymorphisms and childhood abuse is associated with increased risk for borderline personality disorder in adulthood

Wilson, Scott T.; Stanley, Barbara; Brent, David A.; More

Psychiatric Genetics . 22(1):15-24, February 2012.

Genome-wide association study of comorbid depressive syndrome and alcohol dependence

Edwards, Alexis C.; Aliev, Fazil; Bierut, Laura J.; More

Psychiatric Genetics . 22(1):31-41, February 2012.

Associations of MAOA-VNTR or 5HTT-LPR alleles with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms are moderated by platelet monoamine oxidase B activity

Wargelius, Hanna-Linn; Malmberg, Kerstin; Larsson, Jan-Olov; More

Psychiatric Genetics . 22(1):42-45, February 2012.