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Anesthesia 101: Everything You Need to Know

Palmer, Laura DNP, CRNA, MNEd

Plastic Surgical Nursing:
doi: 10.1097/01.ORN.0000431584.22992.aa

Successful patient outcomes from an operative procedure require vigilance, diligence, and teamwork among the various providers involved with the surgical procedure. An understanding of the responsibilities and appreciation for the complexities of each healthcare provider's role in the operative process is essential to a harmonious relationship among the perioperative team to improve the working environment and provide safe patient care. The information provided in this article is based on commonly observed practices in the anesthesia community with the caveat that the choices can vary considerably and are influenced by patient presentation and surgical requirements.

Author Information

Laura Palmer, DNP, CRNA, MNEd, is an Assistant Professor and Assistant Director at the University of Pittsburgh Nurse Anesthesia Program, School of Nursing, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Reprinted with permission from OR Nurse 2013. July 2013:21–29.

The author and planners have disclosed that they have no financial relationships related to this article.

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