PRS Best Paper Awards- 2015

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Created:   7/31/2015
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Editor-in-Chief, Rod J. Rohrich, MD announces the 2015 awards for the Best Papers in "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery."

Awards will be presented to all winners at Plastic Surgery- The Meeting 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Editorial and Publishing staff scoured data for all manuscripts published in 2014 to determine the number of full text article views, number of PDF views, number of times sent by email and the number of times the article was added to a personal collection on The data was further calculated to represent the average number of times per month those activities occurred. This average data was combined to create a score for each manuscript, placing them on equal footing, independent of publication month. The articles were sorted by score, and selected based on pre-existing categories. Authors were not allowed to win twice, even for different papers or different awards. The Editor-in-Chief, Co-Editor, current Editorial Board members and the ASPS Executive Committee were ineligible.
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The Role of Stem Cells in Aesthetic Surgery: Fact or Fiction?

McArdle, Adrian; Senarath-Yapa, Kshemendra; Walmsley, Graham G.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 134(2):193-200, August 2014.

PRS 2015 Best Paper Award Winner- Best USA Paper

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Direct-to-Implant Single-Stage Immediate Breast Reconstruction with Acellular Dermal Matrix: Predictors of Failure

Gdalevitch, Perry; Ho, Adelyn; Genoway, Krista; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 133(6):738e-747e, June 2014.

PRS 2015 Best Paper Award Winner- Best Breast Paper

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Botulinum Toxin to Improve Results in Cleft Lip Repair

Chang, Chun-Shin; Wallace, Christopher Glenn; Hsiao, Yen-Chang; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 134(3):511-516, September 2014.

PRS 2015 Best Paper Award Winner- Best Pediatric/Craniofacial Paper

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Comparative Analysis of Processing Methods in Fat Grafting

Salinas, Harry M.; Broelsch, G. Felix; Fernandes, Justin R.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 134(4):675-683, October 2014.

PRS 2015 Best Paper Award Winner- Best Experimental Paper

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Fat Grafting to the Hand in Patients with Raynaud Phenomenon: A Novel Therapeutic Modality

Bank, Jonathan; Fuller, Sam M.; Henry, Ginard I.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 133(5):1109-1118, May 2014.

PRS 2015 Best Paper Award Winner- Best Hand/Peripheral Nerve Paper

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Functional Considerations in Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery

Jindal, Kunaal; Sarcia, Marc; Codner, Mark A.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 134(6):1154-1170, December 2014.

PRS 2015 Best Paper Award Winner- Best Emerging Author Paper An Emerging Author paper is one on which the first author and others have been authored fewer than five PRS papers. Drs. Jindal and Sarcia are honored as the emerging authors on this paper.

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