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This collection contains all of the PRS articles with an associated Coding Perspective, written by CPT-ICD-10 Coding Editor Raymond V. Janevicius.

Surgical Treatment of Neuromas Improves Patient-Reported Pain, Depression, and Quality of Life

Domeshek, Leahthan F.; Krauss, Emily M.; Snyder-Warwick, Alison K.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 139(2):407-418, February 2017.

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Effectiveness of Autologous Fat Grafting in Adherent Scars: Results Obtained by a Comprehensive Scar Evaluation Protocol

Jaspers, Mariëlle E. H.; Brouwer, Katrien M.; van Trier, Antoine J. M.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 139(1):212-219, January 2017.

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Free Functioning Gracilis Muscle Transfer for Elbow Flexion Reconstruction after Traumatic Adult Brachial Pan-Plexus Injury: Where Is the Optimal Distal Tendon Attachment for...

Maldonado, Andrés A.; Romero-Brufau, Santiago; Kircher, Michelle F.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 139(1):128-136, January 2017.

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Comparative Effectiveness of Percutaneous Needle Aponeurotomy and Limited Fasciectomy for Dupuytren’s Contracture: A Multicenter Observational Study

Zhou, Chao; Selles, Ruud W.; Slijper, Harm P.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 138(4):837-846, October 2016.

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Single-Stage Resection of Type II Constriction Rings in Limbs on the Basis of Histologic and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Observations: A Retrospective Study of 21 Consecutive...

Jiang, Yongkang; Mao, Hailei; Yang, Xi; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 138(1):164-173, July 2016.

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Comparison of Outcomes following Autologous Breast Reconstruction Using the DIEP and Pedicled TRAM Flaps: A 12-Year Clinical Retrospective Study and Literature Review

Knox, Aaron D. C.; Ho, Adelyn L.; Leung, Leslie; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 138(1):16-28, July 2016.

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Which Factors Are Associated with Open Reduction of Adult Mandibular Condylar Injuries?

Wang, Howard D.; Susarla, Srinivas M.; Mundinger, Gerhard S.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 137(6):1813-1821, June 2016.

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Primary versus Flap Closure of Perineal Defects following Oncologic Resection: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Devulapalli, Chris; Jia Wei, Anne Tong; DiBiagio, Jennifer R.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 137(5):1602-1613, May 2016.

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Impact of Prior Tissue Expander/Implant on Postmastectomy Free Flap Breast Reconstruction

Roostaeian, Jason; Yoon, Alfred P.; Ordon, Shannon; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 137(4):1083-1091, April 2016.

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Patients’ Preferences for Treatment for Dupuytren’s Disease: A Discrete Choice Experiment

Kan, Hester J.; de Bekker-Grob, Esther W.; van Marion, Eva S.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 137(1):165-173, January 2016.

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Total Upper and Lower Eyelid Reconstruction: A Rare Procedure—A Report of Two Cases

Bertrand, Baptiste; Colson, Thomas Roger Jr.; Baptista, Claire; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 136(4):855-859, October 2015.

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Pediatric Orbital Floor Fractures: Outcome Analysis of 72 Children with Orbital Floor Fractures

Broyles, Justin M.; Jones, Danielle; Bellamy, Justin; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 136(4):822-828, October 2015.

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Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy in Patients with Previous Breast Surgery: Comparative Analysis of 775 Immediate Breast Reconstructions

Frederick, Michael J.; Lin, Alex M.; Neuman, Robert; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 135(6):954e-962e, June 2015.

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The Impact of Postoperative Expansion Initiation Timing on Breast Expander Capsular Characteristics: A Prospective Combined Clinical and Scanning Electron Microscopy Study

Paek, Laurence S.; Giot, Jean-Philippe; Tétreault-Paquin, Jean-Olivier; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 135(4):967-974, April 2015.

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A Decade of Conflict: Flap Coverage Options and Outcomes in Traumatic War-Related Extremity Reconstruction

Sabino, Jennifer; Polfer, Elizabeth; Tintle, Scott; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 135(3):895-902, March 2015.

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Microsurgical Scalp Reconstruction in the Elderly: A Systematic Review and Pooled Analysis of the Current Data

Sosin, Michael; Schultz, Benjamin D.; De La Cruz, Carla; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 135(3):856-866, March 2015.

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Predicting and Managing Donor-Site Wound Complications in Abdominally Based Free Flap Breast Reconstruction: Improved Outcomes with Early Reoperative Closure

Mirzabeigi, Michael N.; Wilson, Anthony J.; Fischer, John P.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 135(1):14-23, January 2015.

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Long-Term Outcomes following Lower Extremity Sarcoma Resection and Reconstruction with Vascularized Fibula Flaps in Children

Sainsbury, David C. G.; Liu, Edward H.; Alvarez-Veronesi, M. Cecilia; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 134(4):808-820, October 2014.

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Breast Reconstruction with Tissue Expanders: Implementation of a Standardized Best-Practices Protocol to Reduce Infection Rates

Khansa, Ibrahim; Hendrick, Russell G. Jr; Shore, Alison; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 134(1):11-18, July 2014.

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