Biomechanical Integrity in Craniofacial Surgery: Calvarial Reconstruction in Favorable and Infected Defects with Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2

MacIsaac, Zoe M.; Henderson, Sarah E.; Shakir, Sameer; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 139(5):1141-1150, May 2017.

Abstract 128: Biopatterned Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 Does Not Induce Pansynostosis or Growth Restriction in the Immature Craniofacial Skeleton

Shakir, Sameer; Basri, Osama; Cray, James J.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 135(5S):91-92, May 2015.

Novel Animal Model of Calvarial Defect: Part IV. Reconstruction of a Calvarial Wound Complicated by Durectomy

MacIsaac, Zoe M.; Levine, Benjamin A.; Smith, Darren M.; More

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Alveolar Reconstruction in Cleft Patients: Decreased Morbidity and Improved Outcomes with Supplemental Demineralized Bone Matrix and Cancellous Allograft

MacIsaac, Zoe M.; Rottgers, S. Alex; Davit, Alexander J. III; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . 130(3):625-632, September 2012.

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