Articles by Dennis P. Orgill, M.D.

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Why We Are Here: Early Reflections on the Role of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings

Carty, Matthew J.; Caterson, Edward J.; Caterson, Stephanie A.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 132(6):1623-1627, December 2013.

Mechanisms of Action of External Volume Expansion Devices

Lancerotto, Luca; Chin, Michael S.; Freniere, Brian; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 132(3):569-578, September 2013.

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External Volume Expansion Increases Subcutaneous Thickness, Cell Proliferation, and Vascular Remodeling in a Murine Model

Heit, Yvonne I.; Lancerotto, Luca; Mesteri, Ildiko; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 130(3):541-547, September 2012.


Halvorson, Eric G.; Taylor, Helena O. B.; Orgill, Dennis P.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 122(5):1598-1599, November 2008.

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