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​​​​​​​​Welcome to the Residents’ Gateway. The following Resident Reader collections have been compiled by many residents from across the country who have collaborated to identify the best of the best PRS articles and videos. The overarching goal of this collection is to enable Residents instantaneous access to the top-rated and cutting-edge articles and videos that will enhance their understanding of the pathophysiology and hone their surgical skills to treat these high-yield plastic and reconstructive surgical issues. 

Breast (New)

Cosmetic Face (Updated)

Cosmetic Breast (Updated)

Cosmetic Body (Updated)

May 2017 #PRSJournalClub: “Is Enhanced Recovery the New Standard of Care in Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction?”

by Raj P. Parikh, MD, MPHS (@rajparikhmd) The May #PRSJournalClub offered an excellent and comprehensive discussion of a great PRS article entitled “Is Enhanced...

Let’s Get Social

by Ira Savetsky (@IraSavetsky) It’s everywhere: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook etc. There’s no avoiding it. And it’s not going anywhere. I consider myse...

April 2017 #PRSJournalClub Wrap Up

by Kate S. Boehm, MD (@KateSBoehm) Last week hosted another great PRS Journal Club! Discussed was the study titled “Microsurgical Reconstruction of Traumatic Lo...

Mix and Match: A look at Canadian and U.S. Plastic Surgery Residency Programs

by Mieke Heyns, MD, Anna Steve, MD, Jiayi Hu, MD, Justin Yeung, MD This is an exciting time of year as many medical students begin clerkship here in Canada, and...

March 2017 #PRSJournalClub: “Intraoperative Comparison of Anatomical versus Round Implants in Breast Augmentation”

by Francesco M. Egro, MD, MSc, MRCS (@FrancescoEgro) The March edition of the #PRSJournalClub offered an exciting discussion of a great PRS article entitled “In...

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