January 2012 - Volume 129 - Issue 1
pp: 1-291,1e-227e

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Combination of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Pathways Significantly Accelerates Axial Vascularization of Bioartificial Tissues

Arkudas, Andreas; Pryymachuk, Galyna; Beier, Justus P.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 129(1):55e-65e, January 2012.

Enhancement of Human Adipose-Derived Stromal Cell Angiogenesis through Knockdown of a BMP-2 Inhibitor

Levi, Benjamin; Nelson, Emily R.; Hyun, Jeong S.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 129(1):53-66, January 2012.

Mathematical Modeling and Frequency Gradient Analysis of Cellular and Vascular Invasion into Integra and Strattice: Toward Optimal Design of Tissue Regeneration Scaffolds

Reiffel, Alyssa J.; Henderson, Peter W.; Krijgh, David D.; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 129(1):89-99, January 2012.

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The Effect of Postoperative Enoxaparin on Risk for Reoperative Hematoma

Pannucci, Christopher J.; Wachtman, Christine Fisher; Dreszer, George; More

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 129(1):160-168, January 2012.

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