December 2012 - Volume 31 - Issue 12
pp: 1217-1307,e232-e254
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Diagnostic Performance of the Lab-score in Predicting Severe and Invasive Bacterial Infections in Well-appearing Young Febrile Infants

Bressan, Silvia; Gomez, Borja; Mintegi, Santiago; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 31(12):1239-1244, December 2012.

Results From a Prospective, International, Epidemiologic Study of Invasive Candidiasis in Children and Neonates

Steinbach, William J.; Roilides, Emmanuel; Berman, David; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 31(12):1252-1257, December 2012.

Rotavirus-related Hospitalizations Are Responsible for High Seasonal Peaks in All-cause Pediatric Hospitalizations

Bruijning-Verhagen, Patricia; Sankatsing, Valerie; Kunst, Annemieke; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 31(12):e244-e249, December 2012.

Prevalence of Transmitted HIV-1 Drug Resistance Mutations in Children and Adolescents in São Paulo, Brazil

Almeida, Flávia Jacqueline; Rodrigues, Rosangela; Zaparoli, Mayra Simioni; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 31(12):e255-e257, December 2012.

Bacteriology of Community-acquired Invasive Disease Found in a Multicountry Prospective, Population-based, Epidemiological Surveillance for Pneumococcus in Children in Latin...

Andrade, Ana Lucia; Arguedas, Adriano; Benavides, Juan; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 31(12):1312-1314, December 2012.