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Affiliated Societies

The European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID)
The European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID) exists to promote the exchange of information among people who have special experience in the field of paediatric infectious diseases. The society promotes research and training in PID. Membership is granted to individuals supported by at least one existing member at the discretion of the Board.

Society Website

Contact Information
European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID)
c/o Kenes International
1-3 rue de Chantepoulet
P.O. Box 1726
CH 1211 Geneva 1
Phone: + 41 22 906 91 65
Fax: + 41 22 732 26 07

ESPID Secretariat: Florian Locatelli
Administrative Office -
Membership Office -

European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases

Ronald de Groot
President (2012-2015)

Fernanda Rodrigues
Secretary (2013-2016) 

Tobias Tenenbaum
Treasurer (2011-2014)

Board Members 
Emmanouil Galanakis (2013-2016)
Jesus Saavedra (2013-2016)
Terho Heikkinen (2012-2015) 

Committee for Scientific Affairs and Awards
George Syrogiannopoulos (Chair) (2010-2013, 2nd term)
Chiara Azzari (2010-2013)
Javier Diez-Domingo (2009-2012, 2nd term)
Paul Heath (2009-2012, 2nd term)
Adilia Warris (2010-2013, 2nd term)

Committee for Education
Hermione Lyall (2013-2016)
Anne Vergison (2012-2015)
Nico Hartwig (2013-2016)
David Greenberg (2013-2016, 2nd term)
Oana Falup-Pecurariu (2013-2016)
David Pace (2011-2014)
Javier Díez Domingo (2013-2016)
Emmanouil Galanakis (2013-2016)
Elisa Fernandez Cooke (2012-2015)
Thilde Nordmann-Winter (2012-2015)

Committee for Clinical Affairs
Adam Finn (2013-2016)
Annemarie van Rossum (2013-2016)
Christoph Berger (2012-2015)
Johannes Liese (2012-2015)
Emmanuel Roilides (2013-2016)
Jesus Saavedra (2013-2016)
Richard Fabian Schumacher (2013-2016)
Johannes Truck (Young ESPID representative) (2013-2016)

Research Committee
Philipp Henneke (Chair) (2013-2016)
Jan Bonhoeffer (2013-2016, 2nd term)
Carlo Giaquinto (2013-2016, 2nd term)
Federico Martinon-Torres (2013-2016)
Louis Bont (2013-2016)
Irja Lutsar (2013-2016, 2nd term)
Paul Heath (2013-2016)
Terho Heikkinen (2012-2015)
Julia A. Bielicki (2013-2016)


Asian Society for Pediatric Infectious Disease
Sociedad Latinoamericana de Infectologia Pediátrica