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In the article by Kearns al., “Single dose pharmacokinetics of linezolid in infants and children,” which appeared in Vol. 19, pp. 1178–1184 (December 2000 issue), the name of John A. Bradley, M.D., was inadvertently omitted as a named coauthor. The revised author line should read as follows:

Gregory L. Kearns, Pharm.D., Susan M. Abdel-Rahman, Pharm.D., Jeffrey L. Blumer, Ph.D., M.D., Michael D. Reed, Pharm.D., Laura P. James, M.D., Richard F. Jacobs, M.D., John A. Bradley, M.D., Ian R. Welshman, M.S., Gail L. Jungbluth, Ph.D., Dennis J. Stalker, Ph.D. and the Pediatric Pharmacology Research Unit Network.

In the Author Index published in the December 2000 issue, p. 1223, Column 3, the entry “Bradley, John A., 1178” should appear after the seventh entry in that column.

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International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents
Linezolid treatment of nosocomial bacterial infection with multiresistant Gram-positive pathogens in preterm infants: a systematic review
Kocher, S; Muller, W; Resch, B
International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, 36(2): 106-110.
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