February 2014 - Volume 33 - Issue 2
pp: 121-231,e29-e66
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Predictors and Outcomes of Viridans Group Streptococcal Infections in Pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia: From the Canadian Infections in AML Research Group

Lewis, Victor; Yanofsky, Rochelle; Mitchell, David; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 33(2):126-129, February 2014.

Effectiveness of a Multifactorial Handwashing Program to Reduce School Absenteeism Due to Acute Gastroenteritis

Azor-Martínez, Ernestina; Cobos-Carrascosa, Elena; Gimenez-Sanchez, Francisco; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 33(2):e34-e39, February 2014.

Active Surveillance of Candidemia in Children from Latin America: A Key Requirement for Improving Disease Outcome

Santolaya, Maria E.; Alvarado, Tito; Queiroz-Telles, Flavio; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 33(2):e40-e44, February 2014.

Epidemiology and Clinical Features of Childhood Chronic Hepatitis B Infection Diagnosed in England

Ladhani, Shamez N.; Flood, Jessica S.; Amirthalingam, Gayatri; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 33(2):130-135, February 2014.

Incidence and Etiology of Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in Hospitalized Children Younger Than 5 Years in Rural Thailand

Hasan, Reem; Rhodes, Julia; Thamthitiwat, Somsak; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 33(2):e45-e52, February 2014.

Prevalence and Predictors of Elevated Aspartate Aminotransferase-to-Platelet Ratio Index in Latin American Perinatally HIV-infected Children

Siberry, George K.; Cohen, Rachel A.; Harris, D. Robert; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 33(2):177-182, February 2014.

13-valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine in Older Children and Adolescents Either Previously Immunized With or Naïve to 7-valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine

Frenck, Robert Jr; Thompson, Allison; Senders, Shelly; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 33(2):183-189, February 2014.

Characteristics of Vaccine Failures in a Randomized Placebo-controlled Trial of Inactivated Influenza Vaccine in Children

Ng, Sophia; Ni, Michael Y.; Fang, Vicky Jing; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 33(2):e63-e66, February 2014.

Delayed Start of Diphtheria, Tetanus, Acellular Pertussis and Inactivated Polio Vaccination in Preterm and Low Birth Weight Infants in the Netherlands

Woestenberg, Petra J.; van Lier, Alies; van der Maas, Nicoline A.T.; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 33(2):190-198, February 2014.

Serum Soluble ST2 as Diagnostic Marker of Systemic Inflammatory Reactive Syndrome of Bacterial Etiology in Children

Calò Carducci, Francesca Ippolita; Aufiero, Lelia Rotondi; Folgori, Laura; More

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 33(2):199-203, February 2014.


Otsuka, Taketo; on behalf of the SADO-study Working group

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal . 33(2):228-229, February 2014.

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