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Effectiveness of Functional Power Training on Walking Ability in Young Children With Cerebral Palsy: Study Protocol of a Double-Baseline Trial

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Coupling Timing of Interventions With Dose to Optimize Plasticity and Participation in Pediatric Neurologic Populations

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Excellence in Promoting Participation: Striving for the 10 Cs—Client-Centered Care, Consideration of Complexity, Collaboration, Coaching, Capacity Building, Contextualization,...

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Research Design Options for Intervention Studies

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Concurrent Validity Between Live and Home Video Observations Using the Alberta Infant Motor Scale

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Developing Overhand Throwing Skills for a Child With Autism With a Collaborative Approach in School-Based Therapy

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Use of Lower-Limb Robotics to Enhance Practice and Participation in Individuals With Neurological Conditions

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Pediatric Rehabilitation Services for Children With Cerebral Palsy: What Can Existing Data Sources Tell Us?

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Knowledge Translation in Rehabilitation: A Shared Vision

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Plyometric Training: Effectiveness and Optimal Duration for Children With Unilateral Cerebral Palsy

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Daily Intervention for Young Children With Cerebral Palsy in GMFCS Level V: A Case Series

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Autogenic Drainage in Children With Cystic Fibrosis

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Cross-cultural Translation and Adaptation of the Lifestyle Assessment Questionnaire (LAQ-CP) Into Dutch: A Brief Report

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Hand-Held Dynamometry Isometric Torque Reference Values for Children and Adolescents

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Immediate Effect of Positioning Devices on Infant Leg Movement Characteristics

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