Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy is proud to recognize their panel of peer reviewers.

The Editor would like to call attention and extend sincere appreciation to the Review Panel for Pediatric Physical Therapy. This dedicated group of scholars provides expert reviews for manuscripts submitted to this journal. A full listing of the annual members of the Review Panel can be found below. Individuals interested in joining the review panel should send an email indicating interest with an attached file copy of their curriculum vitae, including academic degrees earned, and evidence of research experience to the editor:


Bara Alsalaheen
Amy Bailes
Doreen Bartlett
Clare Bassile
Marie Blackmore
Nava Blum
Suzann Campbell
Lisa Chiarello
Jennifer Christy
Meryl Cohen
Ana Carolina de Campos
Dorothee Debuse
Susan Deusinger
Cynthia Dodds
Robin Dole
Betsy Donahoe-Fillmore
Maureen Donohoe
Antonette Doty
Susan Duff
Susan Effgen
Heidi Eigsti
Claudia Fenderson
Sharon Fleming Walsh
Cheryl Footer
Maria Fragala-Pinkham
Kathleen Ganley
Cyril Garnier
Bernadette Gillick
Gay Girolami
Kelly Greve
Amy Gross Mcmillan
Jamie Hall
Regina Harbourne
Ann Harrington


Susan Harris
Jill Heathcock
Omar Helal
Paul Helders
Robbin Hickman
Nicole Hilburn
Diana Hunter
Amal Ibrahim
Minal Jain
Lynn Jeffries
Barbara Johnson
Therese Johnston
Deborah Kartin
Elizabeth Kennedy
Lisa Kenyon
Carolyn King
Frances Kistner
Thubi Kolobe
Karen Kott
Alyssa LaForme Fiss
Danielle Levac
Michele  Lobo
Samuel Logan
Toby Long
Linda Lowes
Anna Mackey
Francine Malouin
Désirée Maltais
MaryBeth Mandich
Joyce Maring
Kathy Martin
Katrin Mattern-Baxter
Irene McEwen
Margaret Michaels

Cindy Miles
Victoria Moerchen
Patricia Montgomery
James Moore
Noelle Moreau
Catherine Morgan
Stewart  Morrison
Elizabeth Mulligan
Deborah Nervik
Barbara  Norton
Margaret O'Neil
Lucie Pelland
Tamis Pin
Joanne Potterton
Laura Prosser
Catherine Quatman-Yates
Sandra Radtka
Mary Jane Rapport
Katherine Ratliffe
Donna Redman-Bentley
Randy Richter
Eunice Shen
Laurie Snider
Donna Snowdon
Aline Souza
Meg Stanger
Caroline Stewart
Janet Tankersley
Jaya Shanker Tedla
Deborah Thorpe
Elise Townsend
Aleksandra Truszczynska
Ann Van Sant
Darl Vander Linden
Genevieve Zipp





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