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Premature Closure of the Distal Radial Physis After Fracture of the Distal Radial Metaphysis.

Aminian, Afshin M.D.; Schoenecker, Perry L. M.D.
Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics:
Trauma: Miscellaneous: PDF Only

Summary: Two fractures of the distal radius seemingly with lack of involvement of the distal radial physis are presented. Nevertheless, complete arrest of the adjacent physis occurred, suggesting a Salter-Harris V mechanism of injury to the vulnerable distal radial physis. Ulnar "overgrowth" produced impingement of the carpus and functional complaints sufficient to warrant treatment. In this clinical setting, an ulnar-shortening osteotomy done at skeletal maturity resulted in marked improvement in the range of motion at the radiocarpal joint and corresponding improvement in function for both patients so treated.

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