Nicotinic modulation of descending pain control circuitry

Umana, Iboro C.; Daniele, Claire A.; Miller, Brooke A.; More

PAIN. 158(10):1938-1950, October 2017.

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Brain signature and functional impact of centralized pain: a multidisciplinary approach to the study of chronic pelvic pain (MAPP) network study

Kutch, Jason J.; Ichesco, Eric; Hampson, Johnson P.; More

PAIN. 158(10):1979-1991, October 2017.

  • Editor's Choice

Placebo effects of a sham opioid solution: a randomized controlled study in patients with chronic low back pain

Klinger, Regine; Kothe, Ralph; Schmitz, Julia; More

PAIN. 158(10):1893-1902, October 2017.

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2017 is IASP Global Year Against Pain After Surgery. This year-long initiative raises international awareness and offers resources for pain researchers and clinicians. Read more on the IASP website.

Articles published in PAIN in 2017 related to postsurgical pain are marked with an indicator and added to the Pain After Surgery Article Collection, which also includes related articles that appeared in the journal in recent years. 


Pain in Dementia

Stefan Lautenbacher, Stephen J. Gibson BBSc(Hon), PhD, MAPsS

With the help of Pain in Dementia, you can learn new ways to give dementia patients a better quality of life through identifying the source of their pain and recommending the most effective treatment options

Pain 2016 Refresher Courses: 16th World Congress on Pain

Claudia L Sommer MD, Steven P Cohen , Michaela Kress , Mark S Wallace

Presented at the 16th World Congress on Pain in Yokohama, Japan, in September 2016, these papers represent the thinking of the world's top pain scientists and clinicians

Pain in the Joints

Serge Perrot and Lars Arendt-Nielsen

A comprehensive overview of joint pain, including its assessment, mechanisms, and treatment options