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Global Year Against Pain in the Joints

2016 is Global Year Against Pain in the Joints. Find out how you can participate.


This is a year-long initiative designed to raise international awareness of pain in the joints. Articles published in PAIN in 2016 related to Joint Pain will be marked with an indicator and added to the Pain in the Joints Article Collection.



From IASP Press

New: Whiplash Injury: Perspectives on the Development of Chronic Pain

Helge Kasch, MD, PhD, Dennis C. Turk, PhD, Troels S. Jensen, MD, DMSc

State of the art information from the proceedings of the March 2014 IASP Research Symposium

The Brain Adapting with Pain: Contribution of Neuroimaging Technology to Pain Mechanisms

Vania Apkarian

Dozens of worldwide experts thoroughly cover new advances in understanding brain mechanisms of pain

Abdominal and Pelvic Pain: From Definition to Best Practice

Bert Messelink, Andrew Baranowski, and John Hughes

Looking for authoritative guidance~on the current science and management of abdominal, pelvic, and visceral pain?



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World Congress on Pain

Mark your calendar for the 16th World Congress on Pain, September 26 — 30, 2016


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