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American Journal of Otology:

Preservation of Otologic Homografts

Sataloff, Robert Thayer M.D., D.M.A.; Roberts, Barbara-Ruth R.N.

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Techniques for preservation of homografts for replacement of tympanic membranes, ossicles, closure of the oval window, and canalplasty remain controversial. Review of 300 articles reveals no evidence opposing the harvesting of grafts from living patients or cadavers, or the prolonged storage of these materials in antibacterial solutions. It appears to be important to store the grafting material long enough to reduce antigenicity. Numerous techniques and materials are being used with success. Additional research on antigens, histologie fate of grafts, long-term success, and complications is essential to determine ideal grafting materials, preservatives, and techniques.

(C) 1986, The American Journal of Otology, Inc.

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