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Breaking into Orthopaedic Nursing: Preceptorship for Novice Nurses

Bashford, Carol Wolfensperger

Orthopaedic Nursing:

Recalling feelings of reality shock and insecurity helps the staff nurse to truly understand the feelings that a nursing student experiences. Without a student preceptorship the new graduate may be unaware of all of the staff nurse responsibilities and have a problematic role transition to the work environment. The new graduate's adjustment to a staff nurse role is challenging, but if it is overwhelming the new nurse may eventually leave the profession (Coudret et al., 1994). Quick reference tables are designed to help plan and implement apreceptor experience. The precepted practicum has many benefits for both the nursing student and the RN preceptor.

Author Information

Carol Wolfensperger Bashford, MS, RN, CNS, is an Associate Professor of Nursing at Miami University in Hamilton, Ohio.

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