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A Randomized Trial of Soft Multifocal Contact Lenses for Myopia Control: Baseline Data and Methods

Walline, Jeffrey J.; Gaume Giannoni, Amber; Sinnott, Loraine T.; More

Optometry and Vision Science. 94(9):856-866, September 2017.

Comparison of Cysts in Red and Green Images for Diabetic Macular Edema

Alhamami, Mastour A.; Elsner, Ann E.; Malinovsky, Victor E.; More

Optometry and Vision Science. 94(2):137-149, February 2017.

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Eye Examination Testability in Children with Autism and in Typical Peers

Coulter, Rachel Anastasia; Bade, Annette; Tea, Yin; More

Optometry & Vision Science. 92(1):31-43, January 2015.

Global Vision Impairment and Blindness Due to Uncorrected Refractive Error, 1990–2010

Naidoo, Kovin S.; Leasher, Janet; Bourne, Rupert R.; More

Optometry & Vision Science. 93(3):227-234, March 2016.

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Clinical Presentation of Pseudo–Abducens Palsy

Reid, Maya Sinulingga; DePoe, Scott Alan; Darner, Reagan Lorena; More

Optometry & Vision Science. 92(4S):S76-S80, April 2015.

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