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Press Releases

Press Releases are posted monthly and designed to keep journalists updated on the most current scientific news and selected hot topics from Optometry & Vision Science.

The articles featured in this collection were featured in Press Releases. To access that news brief, simply click on the article below and select the "Press Release" button.

October 2015: Categorization Task over a Touch Screen in Age-Related Macular Degeneration

September 2015: Feature Issue: Dry Eye Disease

August 2015: Identifying Absolute Preferred Retinal Locations during Binocular Viewing

July 2015: Trends in US Contact Lens Prescribing 2002 to 2014

May 2015: Determinants and Standardization of Mesopic Visual Acuity

April 2015: Vision, Training Hours, and Road Testing Results in Bioptic Drivers

March 2015: Orthokeratology for Myopia Control: A Meta-analysis

February 2015: The Effect of Contact Lens Hygiene Behavior on Lens Case Contamination


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