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doi: 10.1097/OPX.0b013e318195232d
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Which Myopia Prevention and Treatments Might Come From Genetic Studies?

Our author provides a context for performing myopia genetic studies in humans, summarizes human genetic studies in myopia to date, and presents current research in her laboratory. (p. 8)

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Controlling Myopic Eye Growth

Excessive axial elongation of the eye produces myopia. Scleral elasticity is increased in eyes developing myopia and our authors implicate myofibroblasts, which are regulated by tissue stress and growth factors such as TGF-ß. This regulating growth factor changes during myopia development—a result with possible treatment implications. (p. 23)

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Accommodation and Eye Growth in Primates

In animals, refractive development is significantly correlated with the sign and power of the contact lens worn, even, according to our authors, when there is antimetropic retinal defocus (one eye myopic defocus the other hyperopic defocus). In primate marmosets this evidence of emmetropization, and results of accommodation under imposed antimetropia, helps explain how using retinal defocus as an error signal interacts with accommodation. (p. 31)

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What Does the Myopia of Children in China Suggest About Influence of Environment?

The authors review the available data on the prevalence of myopia for children in China. They also provide an interesting detailed comparative review of myopia prevalence and development around the world at different historical times. The authors note the relatively low prevalence of myopia in both rural and urban settings in China, prior to schooling, but the large differences after formal schooling. (p. 40)

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The Latest in Myopia Research

In this paper, 11 symposia reflect scientific advances in myopia research ranging from human molecular genetic and twin studies, progression of myopia and risk factors, the protective nature of outdoor activities, new therapy possibilities based on the eye’s optics, and the role of scleral composition in myopic eye growth. (p. 45)

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Myopia Captured!

This paper provides the full schedule of scientific presentations at the 12th International Myopia Conference and, in the on-line version, access to all the abstracts of the free papers and 43 full color posters presented at the meeting. (p. 67)

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