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VSP Launches Direct-To-Consumer Eyecare Plan

VSP Vision Care, the nation’s largest eyecare benefits provider with 48 million members, announced the launch of a new direct-to-consumer comprehensive eyecare plan beginning this month. The plan focuses on consumers who do not have access to VSP coverage through their employers—including former VSP members, retirees, the self- employed—and their family members. “VSP’s direct-to-consumer eyecare plan represents a major step in increasing consumers’ access to comprehensive coverage,” said Rob Lynch, VSP president and CEO. Enrollees in VSP’s direct-to-consumer coverage will have access to more than 21,000 doctors nationwide who offer a comprehensive eyecare. Consumers can select member-only, member-plus-one, or family coverage options. The plan provides annual coverage for a complete exam, lenses, and eyeglasses or contact lenses. VSP’s direct-to-consumer plan is offered through the Consumer Choice Association, which provides members with a wide range of options to budget for their healthcare needs. Additional information about VSP’s direct-to-consumer eyecare plan is available this month at http://www.ccaadvantage.com.

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Intacs® SK for Severe Keratoconus

Addition Technology, Inc. has announced launch of Intacs SK. The new product is designed for patients with severe keratoconus. Shipments are scheduled immediately to Addition Technology’s worldwide network of ophthalmic distributors.

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InSite Vision Announces Licensing Agreement with Inspire Pharmaceuticals

An agreement has been reached for the commercialization of InSite’s AzaSite, a topical anti-infective treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis, commonly known as “pink eye.” If approved by the FDA, AzaSite will become the first ocular antibiotic with a once daily regimen following the initial dose. InSite has granted Inspire exclusive rights to AzaSite in the United States and Canada. Under the terms of the agreement, Inspire will pay InSite $13 million upfront and an additional $19 million once AzaSite gains regulatory approval from the FDA. Inspire will also pay a 20% royalty on net sales in the first two years and 25% thereafter.

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