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An Assessment of the Efficacy of Sports Vision Training Programs.

Optometry & Vision Science: August 1997
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Background. The claim that sports vision training programs can enhance visual skills and the level of sporting performance was investigated.

Methods. Thirty young subjects were assigned equally to visual training, reading (placebo), and control groups. Visual and motor tests were administered before and after 4 weeks of training or control activity to determine whether any improvements in performance had occurred.

Results. Significant improvements on some aspects of vision were apparent for the visual training group, but their improvements in both vision and motor performance were no greater than for either of the other groups. Discussion. There was no evidence for visual training improving either visual or motor performance beyond levels due simply to test familiarity. The benefits of the visual training exercises commonly used by optometrists to enhance sports performance are therefore open to question.

(C) 1997 American Academy of Optometry