May 10, 2006 - Volume 28 - Issue 9
pp: 6-62
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The Racial Gap in Prostate Cancer

Oncology Times . 28(9):47,49, May 10, 2006.

(1) Treatment by ‘High-Volume’ Prostate Cancer Surgeons Results in Better Outcomes; (2) The Racial Gap in Prostate Cancer; (3) Virus Linked to Development of Prostate Cancer; (4) Alendronate May Prevent Bone Loss in Patients on Anti- Androgens; (5) Brachytherapy Equal to High-Dose External-Beam RT for Early Disease; (6) Drug Holidays Effective for Some Prostate Cancer Patients; (7) Adjuvant RT May Be More Effective than Salvage for Stage III/IV; (8) and Vitamin D May Lower Risk of Thromboembolic Events