Poetry by Cancer Caregivers

Steinberg, Amir MD

Oncology Times:
doi: 10.1097/01.COT.0000415901.23996.30

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    Poetry by Cancer Caregivers: The Couple

    There was an unspoken understanding

    As if he could read her mind

    Making thoughtful suggestions

    And wanting to be kind

    Yet she had her independence

    And displayed it every day

    He remained quiet for the most part

    And let her have her say

    They did not hold hands

    And I never saw them hug

    But they were always sitting together

    And on my heartstrings they did tug

    She knew the end was coming

    But no-one knew when it would arrive

    So we paid our respects daily

    All hoping she'd stay alive

    We'd see him in the hallway

    And never far from her room

    So many thoughts in his head

    A pervasive one likely gloom

    But he never showed as such

    And I admire his devotion

    His commitment and his love

    One could taste that emotion

    I will never truly know

    What she's been through all these years

    All the hope and dreams she shared

    As well as all the fears

    But I admire how they've handled it

    With class and dignity

    With hope and realism

    And above all, integrity

    AMIR STEINBERG, MD, is Assistant Professor of Medicine at Tisch Cancer Institute at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, in the hematologic malignancies/stem cell transplantation group in the division of hematology-oncology.

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