Rennie, Marilou LCSW

Oncology Times:
doi: 10.1097/01.COT.0000390574.85490.b2
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    If you feel, I will embrace you.

    I'm the warmth of Summer sun.

    If you listen, you will hear me.

    I'm the whisper of a Fall breeze.

    If you look, you will see me.

    I am the eye of a Winter storm.

    If you love, you will always find me.

    A springtime bud forevermore.

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    She worries about her children.

    She doesn't want to cause any pain.

    She doesn't want to have them suffer

    if she struggles while going through this.

    I reassured her that it likely will be peaceful.

    A quiet passing when her time is here.

    Now is the time to help them let go

    as it will happen when it is meant to be.

    They have always been a trio.

    She's raised them as a single mom.

    All still living under one roof

    even though the kids are grown.

    She wants to give them guidance,

    but hopes they won't be sad

    when the time comes and she is gone.

    She'll always be a mom to them.

    She showed me next year's calendar.

    She turned to February's page.

    At the bottom she had written a few words for them to discover after she's gone.

    She's not worried or frightened,

    even though it's only two months away.

    You know she'll forever be their mother

    as she neatly wrote,

    “I am so proud of you two.”

    Then simply signed it,


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