What Makes a Good Doctor?

Feun, Lynn MD

Oncology Times:
doi: 10.1097/01.COT.0000324891.41584.c0
Department: Poetry By Cancer Caregivers

    The world of poetry is a means of expression and source of comfort for many who care for cancer patients. We welcome submissions from oncologists, oncology nurses, oncology pharmacists, and other cancer caregivers. E-mail only, please, to: OT@LWWNY.com, and include your affiliation/title, address, and phone number, along with a photo, if available.

    What makes a good doctor?

    What attributes are best?

    What do patients seek first,

    and cherish above the rest?

    Competency is the first.

    This is easy to tell.

    Patients seek a doctor

    to diagnose and treat well.

    Compassion is rated high.

    It separates man from a mouse.

    If we don't show sympathy,

    we become like Dr. House!

    Consideration is a good trait,

    seeing the patients on time.

    Making patients wait for hours,

    seems almost like a crime.

    Calm, candid, conscientious—

    here are a few more ‘C's.

    These should be taught in med school

    for a good doctor to be.

    Caring is the true key,

    treating man like a brother.

    Like Marcus Aurelius once said,

    “Men exist for one another.”

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