October 2012 - Volume 67 - Issue 10
pp: 603-671
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Preconception and Prenatal Care

Management of Labor, Delivery, and the Puerperium

Ethics, Medicolegal Issues, and Public Policy

Medical Complications of Pregnancy

Infectious Disease

Three Postpartum Antiretroviral Regimens to Prevent Intrapartum HIV Infection

Nielsen-Saines, Karin; Watts, D. Heather; Veloso, Valdilea G.; More

Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey . 67(10):612-614, October 2012.

Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy

Acceptance, Reliability and Confidence of Diagnosis of Fetal and Neonatal Virtuopsy Compared With Conventional Autopsy: A Prospective Study

Cannie, M.; Votino, C.; Moerman, P. H.; More

Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey . 67(10):615-617, October 2012.

Newborn Medicine

Childhood Outcomes After Hypothermia for Neonatal Encephalopathy

Shankaran, Seetha; Pappas, Athina; McDonald, Scott A.; More

Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey . 67(10):617-619, October 2012.

Obstetrical Complications

Operative Gynecology

Office Gynecology


Gynecologic Oncology


A Pooled Analysis of Vitamin D Dose: Requirements for Fracture Prevention

Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike A.; Willett, Calter C.; Orav, Endel J.; More

Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey . 67(10):637-638, October 2012.

Normal and Abnormal Sexual Development

Hormones and Contraception


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