September 2017 - Volume 72 - Issue 9 - Contributor Index

Harville, E. W.

Associations of Maternal Antidepressant Use During the First Trimester of Pregnancy With Preterm Birth, Small for Gestational Age, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and...

Sujan, Ayesha C.; Rickert, Martin E.; Öberg, A. Sara; More

Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey. 72(9):523-524, September 2017.

Hesley, Gina K.

Periprocedural Outcomes Comparing Fibroid Embolization and Focused Ultrasound: A Randomized Controlled Trial and Comprehensive Cohort Analysis

Barnard, Emily P.; AbdElmagied, Ahmed M.; Vaughan, Lisa E.; More

Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey. 72(9):531-533, September 2017.

Hua, Min-Min

Ubiquitination-Deficient Mutations in Human Piwi Cause Male Infertility by Impairing Histone-to-Protamine Exchange During Spermiogenesis

Gou, Lan-Tao; Kang, Jun-Yan; Dai, Peng; More

Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey. 72(9):540-541, September 2017.

Huang, Taosheng