March/April 2017 - Volume 52 - Issue 2

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The March/April issue of Nutrition Today comes with a supplement for readers entitled Sweet Taste Perception and Feeding Toddlers. We appreciate the work of two members of the Nutrition Today Advisory board who served as co-guest editors for the supplement: Regan Bailey, PhD, RD who is an Associate Professor, Nutrition Science, at the College of Health & Human Services, Purdue University, and Susan I. Barr, PhD, Professor Emerita of Nutrition in the Department of Food, Nutrition and Health, Faculty of Land and Food Systems at The University of British Columbia. 

The supplement provides a good overview of the issues involved in this topic. It includes a thoughtful perspective on toddler feeding, science and nutrition policy by Dean Cheryl Achterberg at the Ohio State University. A summary of a workshop roundtable on the topic is provided, and then several papers on specific issues are presented. First is a pair of papers on basic development and physiology during toddlerhood by Dr. Susan Johnson at the University of Colorado Medical School and Dr. John Hayes of the Pennsylvania State University on developmental and sensory issues. The supplement then turns to intakes, with a contribution of the latest dietary data from population-based studies by Alanna Moshfegh of the USDA’s Human Nutrition Research Center at Beltsville Md. Another paper by Jean Welsh of Emory University focuses specifically on added sugar intakes. The final paper examines the question of oral health and dental caries, and various dietary and developmental factors that are important determinants. 

We hope you enjoy reading the supplement as well as the April/May issue itself.

Johanna Dwyer D.Sc, RD
Editor, Nutrition Today

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Sweet Taste Perception and Feeding Toddlers
Published March/April 2017
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