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Front-of-the-Pack and On-Shelf Labeling: Tools for Spotting Nutritious Choices at the Supermarket Shelf

Carlson, Lisa A. MS, RD

Nutrition Today:
doi: 10.1097/NT.0b013e3181cb457c
Issues for the 2010 Dietary Guidelines

As nutrition scientists study and debate the causes of obesity and look to improve the quality of the American diet, there is a renewed interest in nutrition resources to help people make more healthful dietary choices at the grocery store. New, voluntary front-of-the-package nutrition labels on food products and new on-shelf labeling systems in grocery stores are emerging as viable tools to help lead consumers to more nutritious diets. Although more studies are needed to see which front-of-the-package or on-shelf labeling systems are most effective, it is clear that consumers and health professionals want easier and clearer ways to identify healthful food products for themselves and their families

In Brief

A focus on 2 systems: shelf-talkers and front-of-the-pack claims

Author Information

Lisa A. Carlson, MS, RD, is development nutritionist for Unilever Foodsolutions and resides in Riverside, Illinois. Previously, she was director of health and wellness/sustainability communications for PepsiCo, working with the Gatorade, Quaker, and Tropicana brands.

Correspondence: Lisa A. Carlson, MS, RD, Unilever Foodsolutions, 2200 Cabot Dr, Lisle, IL 60523 (

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