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Facilitated Nurse Medication-Related Event Reporting to Improve Medication Management Quality and Safety in Intensive Care Units

Xu, Jie; Reale, Carrie; Slagle, Jason M.; More

Nursing Research. 66(5):337-349, September/October 2017.

Xu et al. - Sep Oct 2017

Effects of Defecation Strain at Various Bed Reclining Angles on Intrarectal Pressure and Cardiovascular Responses

Imai, Mika; Kuwahara, Yuko; Hirai, Makoto; More

Nursing Research. 64(6):413-421, November/December 2015.

Imai et al. - Nov/Dec 2015

Assessing the Immune Status of Critically Ill Trauma Patients by Flow Cytometry

Kuethe, Joshua W.; Mintz-Cole, Rachael; Johnson, Bobby L. III; More

Nursing Research. 63(6):426-434, November/December 2014.

Schneider et al. Biology Review Nov/Dec 2014

Matching Doses of Distraction With Child Risk for Distress During a Medical Procedure: A Randomized Clinical Trial

McCarthy, Ann Marie; Kleiber, Charmaine; Hanrahan, Kirsten; More

Nursing Research. 63(6):397-407, November/December 2014.

McCarthy et al. Nov/Dec 2014

Telomere Length: A Review of Methods for Measurement

Montpetit, Alison J.; Alhareeri, Areej A.; Montpetit, Marty; More

Nursing Research. 63(4):289-299, July/August 2014.

Montpetit et al. - Biology Review - Jul/Aug 2014

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