September 2010 - Volume 41 - IT Solutions
pp: 2-16

Meaningful use: Making IT matter

Sensmeier, Joyce

Nursing Management. 41:2-6, September 2010.

Healthcare reform and targeted IT regulations are rapidly progressing. Meaningful use of health IT, when combined with best practice and evidence-based care, can improve the health of all Americans.

Leveraging workforce management

Murphy, Susan; Mensching, Laura

Nursing Management. 41:8,10,12, September 2010.

An automated scheduling solution enhanced one facility's five stars of performance excellence, promoting higher levels of employee engagement and care quality.

Automation appreciation

Gozdan, Mimi; Toohey, Jim

Nursing Management. 41:11-13, September 2010.

Follow how a consumer's choice organization retooled its medication administration process, moving it to the bedside by adding secure storage on every floor.

Supported by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

An overview of error‐reduction options

Federico, Frank

Nursing Management. 41:14-16, September 2010.

Recently, the Secretary of Health and Human Services clarified the objectives of patient safety legislation to include drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks and medication reconciliation between care settings. This is an opportunity to take advantage of technology to improve quality and reduce errors.