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The mindful nurse leader: Improving processes and outcomes; restoring joy to nursing

Pipe, Teri; FitzPatrick, Kate; Doucette, Jeffrey N.; More

Nursing Management . 47(9):44-48, September 2016.

The first installment of this three-part series takes a look at how mindful practice can improve processes and outcomes, and restore joy to nursing.

Get the lead out: Responding to unplanned change

O'Keefe, Patricia A.; Jones, Carol S.; Kowalski, Mildred Ortu; More

Nursing Management . 48(6):24-30, June 2017.

Transformational leaders at one medical center took swift action to minimize negative impact when lead surfaced in the water supply.

HAP prevention for nonventilated adults in acute care: Can a structured oral care program reduce infection incidence?

Talley, Louise; Lamb, Jennifer; Harl, Jami; More

Nursing Management . 47(12):42-48, December 2016.

Review the efficacy of an oral care program in reducing hospital-acquired pneumonia incidence in nonventilated stroke and medical-surgical patients.

Spheres of influence...Clinical nurse specialists

Delp, Sheila; Ward, Cynthia W.; Altice, Nancy; More

Nursing Management . 47(6):30-37, June 2016.

The CNS role has an extensive reach, leading initiatives that impact quality measures and spearheading innovative practice. Learn how one Level 1 trauma center invested in a 10-member CNS team to promote nursing excellence.

The mindful nurse leader: Key take-away: Go slow before you go fast

Doucette, Jeffrey N.; Cotton, Amy; Arnow, Debra; More

Nursing Management . 47(11):44-48, November 2016.

The final installment in this three-part series explores leadership lessons learned from the project, through a team and an individual perspective.

The Nightingale Experience: A community service collaboration between a Magnet® hospital and nursing program

Curl, Eileen Deges; Hale, Regina; Wilsker, Donna; More

Nursing Management . 48(3):40-48, March 2017.

This community service collaboration between a Magnet® hospital and nursing program fosters an interest in nursing as a career in high school students.

Staff-led innovations reduce falls in high-acuity patients

Ward, Kathryn L.; Roach, Patricia A.; Wilk, Colette; More

Nursing Management . 46(12):20-25, December 2015.

Learn how one medical-surgical unit with a large number of stroke patients achieved a 36% decrease in its fall rate and a 43% reduction in falls with injury.

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