Articles by Dennis Sherrod, EdD

Mental health tips for nurse managers

Sherrod, Dennis; Campbell, Lenora R.

Nursing Management. 46(6):40-45, June 2015.

Learning to manage stress can assist personal goal accomplishment, enhance success,and influence your physical wellness and mental well-being.

Practical tips for nurse-physician collaboration

Sherrod, Dennis; Collins-McNeil, Janice; Sharpe, Daphne

Nursing Management. 44(8):44-50, August 2013.

Need some help collaborating with coworkers? Check out these suggestions tojumpstart partnerships.

Forecast: 100% chance of talent

Sherrod, Dennis; Holland, Cecil

Nursing Management. 44(5):46-50, May 2013.

As the U.S. economy brightens, the need for succession planning intensifies.Will your organization be able to fill key positions when baby boomers retire?