Patient Safety
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HAP prevention for nonventilated adults in acute care: Can a structured oral care program reduce infection incidence?

Talley, Louise; Lamb, Jennifer; Harl, Jami; More

Nursing Management . 47(12):42-48, December 2016.

Review the efficacy of an oral care program in reducing hospital-acquired pneumonia incidence in nonventilated stroke and medical-surgical patients.

Staff-led innovations reduce falls in high-acuity patients

Ward, Kathryn L.; Roach, Patricia A.; Wilk, Colette; More

Nursing Management . 46(12):20-25, December 2015.

Learn how one medical-surgical unit with a large number of stroke patients achieved a 36% decrease in its fall rate and a 43% reduction in falls with injury.

Nearing zero...reducing grade C medication errors

Cockerham, Janine; Figueroa-Altmann, Ana; Foxen, Colleen; More

Nursing Management . 45(7):26-31, July 2014.

Medication errors are one of the biggest preventable causes of patient harm. Read about oneorganization's plan to challenge the statistics by creating a medication safety operating strategy.

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