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Get to know Lewy body dementia

Perkins, Amanda

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 15(6):32-39, November/December 2017.

The third most common cause of dementia, this disease isn't well understood by many healthcare professionals. We give you the information you need.

The growing problem of pediatric obesity

Panday, Stephanie L.

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 15(6):24-30, November/December 2017.

The number of children and adolescents who are overweight or obese is increasing, both in the United States and worldwide. Here's how to provide guidance for patients and families.

Not just feeling blue: Major depressive disorder

Davis, Charlotte; Lockhart, Lisa

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 15(5):26-32, September/October 2017.

Nurses may encounter patients experiencing depression in acute care hospitals, long-term-care facilities, and outpatient areas, not only on behavioral health units.

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