Heart Beats
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Strengthen your ECG assessment skills by reviewing these articles.

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Dealing with ICD lead fracture

Haddock, Christopher J.

Nursing Critical Care . 6(1):9-11, January 2011.

Implanted cardioverter-defibrillators can be lifesavers for patients with potentially fatal ventricular dysrhythmias. But lead fractures can cause serious complications if not caught in time by an experienced nurse. Read about how lead fractures occur and how to detect a fracture before it threatens the patient's health.

Brugada syndrome: Unmasking a silent killer

Lee, Leslie Foran; Felmlee, Nancy

Nursing Critical Care . 4(3):11-13, May 2009.

Brugada syndrome is a genetic cardiac defect that can lead to sudden cardiac death in apparently healthy young people (usually men). Although not fully understood, Brugada syndrome appears to be linked to an ion channel disorder. Careful history-taking and ECG analysis may help you save a patient's life.

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